The Scepter Has Been Passed!

23 11 2012

Kindly visit the new WP-ORG CEO’s Blog maintained by the new WP-ORG CEO (the page is in alphabetic order so scroll down, Paul is the nearly bald stud on the Harley)!

Keep the faith.

~ Dempsey

Goodbye, Bill Welter

24 03 2009

It is with sadness that I note the sudden and unexpected passing of Bill Welter, West Point class of 1955.

Bill was one of the early members of the WP-ORG Board of Advisors. Back in the days when the organization was just beginning to make itself known in cyberspace Bill was there with us, providing his unique viewpoints and perspectives.

Never one to sidestep a challenge or to shirk responsibility, Bill was the original keeper of WP-ORG’s Moderator discussion list, an essential vehicle providing for centralized communication among the people that make the organization run.

For many years Bill was an essential gear in the machinery that made WP-ORG work; he left his unique stamp on us all.

We have established a eulogy page where thoughts and memories of Bill may be shared.

Thank you, Bill, for your time, your effort, and your passion.

Rest in Peace.

WP-ORG Kicks Off Fund Drive 23!

31 03 2008

It’s time for another WP-ORG fund drive! This will be FD23, our 23rd fund drive since we started keeping score. As you know, WP-ORG services are made possible through your generous donations.WP-ORG is an independent volunteer organization operating separately from the United States Military Academy . We support members from the USMA class year groups, parents of current cadets and midshipmen, parents of recent graduates, West Point societies and parent clubs, as well as other special interest groups that are a part of our community.

WP-ORG currently serves 30,000 members of the extended West Point community. Some are graduates, some are Army or Navy parents, and some are members of our many service-related lists. I’d like to take this opportunity to personally welcome those members who have joined our ranks since the last fund drive.

Should you wonder what constitutes an “acceptable” donation amount, our answer is: Donate in accordance with the value you receive from the services provided by WP-ORG, but not more than you can afford.

WP-ORG is governed by a volunteer board of advisors. Brief biographical sketches of the current members of the WP-ORG Board of Advisors may be seen here.

Our budget for the next six months is $107,438, $9,118 less than FD22, and may be reviewed here.

If you wonder why you should donate, an explanation may be found here.

As in previous drives, you may make a secure donation by using your credit card.

Or you may donate by check made payable to WP-ORG and sent to:

3800 Buffalo Mountain Road SW
Willis, Virginia 24380-5082

Please be sure to indicate your affiliation and/or year group on your check.

Regardless of the donation method you choose, WP-ORG is recognized by the IRS as a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization. 100% of your donation is tax deductible. For those who may need it, our EIN number is 51-03877132.

The authorization may be found here.

Here is WP-ORG’s privacy policy.

Thank you for your support!

Dempsey Darrow
USMA1975, “Courage and Drive”

Data Theft Allegation

13 02 2008

Through the years, when the issue of greater collaboration between WP-ORG and the USMA’s AOG has been broached, the allegation that at one time WP-ORG stole a database from the AOG is invariably reiterated. In the hopes of putting a final nail in the coffin, the following letter was sent in September of 2007 to the CEO of the AOG along with a request that it be disseminated to the AOG’s board of directors.

~ Dempsey

LTG (Ret) Ted Stroup
Chairman, AOG, USMA
Dear General Stroup,

I am writing this letter to correct what has been represented to be institutional knowledge among the staff at the AOG.  While at West Point for the latest Leaders Conference, Jack Price, one of our longest serving Advisors, had a conversation with Geoff Louis, your CFO.  Although Geoff acknowledged the incident had taken place prior to his time, he told Jack that everyone at AOG believed that WP-ORG had hacked into the AOG computer and stolen the AOG database to build WP-ORG.

Jack told Geoff this was ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE.  I seek your assistance in clearing up this misunderstanding of our mutual past history.  Here are the facts we would like you to present to all members of the AOG staff, all members of the Board of Directors, and finally, all members of the Advisors. I know this will not cover all parties to whom such views may have been communicated, but we will accept this as a good faith effort.

1. WP-ORG, in its various configurations, has been active since 1994.  The incident which is at the bottom of this, occurred in August 1999.  AOG opened a link on their web site, for graduates to query for Cullum information, the same data that was publicly published in the Register of Graduates (ROG).  (This data is currently provided yearly for the new graduating classes by AOG to WP-ORG.)  WP-ORG was building their graduate database from the same hard cover resource, and had been doing so since 1996, in the format:

   LASTNAME Firstname Middlename yrgrp Cullum co <email address>

The link AOG provided would yield identical data, and our founder, Expeditus Bolaños, ’90, automated the query process to collect the above formatted data on all graduates through the provided link. He did NOT hack into the AOG server.  He did NOT steal anything, much less the AOG database, which consists of extensive data beyond what was provided, such as employment data, fund raising, and financial records.

2.  Upon AOG’s strong objections to the action, which had been taken openly, WP-ORG promised not to take advantage of any such future opportunities.  That data was deleted.

3.  Although this happened eight years ago, it continues to provide some in AOG with a focus for attacking WP-ORG.  The story has morphed from the facts above into the statement, “Everyone at AOG believed that WP-ORG had hacked into the AOG computer and stolen the AOG database to build WP-ORG.”

4.  Jack told Geoff that, given this statement, it was important that the belief be corrected and accurate information distributed to all parties.  That is the purpose of this letter.

I am

Yours Truly,

Dempsey Darrow, ’75


WP-ORG Board of Advisors

Doug Dribben, ’83
John Greiman, ’81
Warren Hearnes, ’89
Megan Hostler
Mike Lyman, ’87
Donna McAleer, ’87
Bob Magruder, ’64
Mike McGurk, ’85
Ray Nelson, ’83
Jack Price, ’64
Bob Totten ’60
Dian Welle
Paul Werner, ’83