A Salute and a Wave of the Hat

30 10 2012

This past weekend the WP-ORG Board of Advisors met in Austin, Texas, home of WP-ORG. This happens every three years or so to ensure that no one’s body has been taken over by alien invaders. A considerable number of topics were addressed and the meeting minutes will be published soon.

The meeting coincided with the end of my second three-year term as WP-ORG CEO. It’s time for me to move on to other endeavors so I have stepped down and the scepter, crown, and throne have been passed to Paul Werner, West Point class of 1983. It’s been my pleasure to have known Paul for several years. He is fully capable and his ethics and integrity are unimpeachable. You are in good hands.

It would be remiss of me to not mention my gratitude for the support I’ve received from the WP-ORG moderators through the years, years long preceding my tenure as CEO. The moderators are the backbone of the organization, they make it run. A heartfelt thank you goes to the Board of Advisors as well for their support and guidance during the sunny and the dark days that we’ve encountered on this journey. Together we’ve made a formidable team.

I extend a sincere thank you to West Point itself, WP-ORG’s reason for existing. Specifically, I thank the Superintendent, LTG David Huntoon, the Chief of Staff, COL Charles Stafford, and STRATCOM, Ms. Maureen Fitzgerald, for their support and spirit of cooperation and teamwork. As LTG Huntoon says, “One team; one common purpose.”

Also, a thank you (and a kiss) to my patient wife, Mary, who endured my occasional rants to interject reason and calm when they were needed most.

WP-ORG remains the preeminent organization providing electronic networking for the extended West Point community. We are a small group of volunteers running a non-profit entity. If you haven’t done so lately, you owe it to yourself to visit our home page and poke around a little.

The time has now come for me to mount up.

I bid you fair days, fair dealings, and farewell.

~ Dempsey