WP-ORG Eulogies

24 07 2012

The West Point Association of Graduates’ rollout of their on-line eulogy pages is an effort to duplicate a service that WP-ORG has been running and maintaining since WP-ORG’s inception in the 1990s. This is causing understandable confusion among the extended West Point community.

When WP-ORG first learned of this duplication effort we attempted to engage the AOG in a dialogue to ameliorate concerns regarding the inevitable misunderstandings we knew would result. Unfortunately, the AOG leadership team declined to participate or to provide a designated representative for that purpose.

If you have entered a eulogy or have a loved one who has been eulogized on our system, rest assured that those heartfelt words and thoughts are not going away. We do our utmost to treat eulogies with the appropriate reverence, respect and solemnity.

Although it was not within our purview, we at WP-ORG sincerely apologize for what proved to be decidedly insensitive handling of an inherently delicate issue.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

For the Board,

Dempsey Darrow
USMA 1975, “Courage and Drive”