Names Added to Ranger Memorial

24 10 2010

Jack Price is, of course, CFO of WP-ORG (mentioned in the article as West-Point.Org):

“CPT(R) Jack Price, of West-Point.Org, talked about the years-long process to locate, investigate and bring the names of Ranger USMA
graduates to the monument. West-Point.Org is a nonprofit organization connecting thousands of USMA graduates, parents and friends of West Point.

‘The (West Point graduating) classes in the early 60s suffered some pretty serious casualties in Vietnam, high numbers of losses,’ said the captain, who was a graduate of the class of 1964.

‘There was a movement in those early classes to do what we’ve done today, but they were having a difficult time getting organized and raising the funds. The West Point community has an organization called West-Point.Org run by graduates and they brought the tools to the table to allow this mission to be accomplished.'”

Read the entire article here.

~ Dempsey



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