Fund Drive 25 Continues

6 04 2009

Through Sunday, April 5 (Day 6), $37,164.84 had been received, representing 33.3% of our $111,495 goal.

Here is the latest fund drive message from WP-ORG advisor Mike Lyman, class of 1987:

“The Long Gray Line of us stretches…” As a cadet I learned those words and thought I understood them. We saw grads return for reunions. We did alumni reviews. While a cadet I met boyhood heroes and formed friendships with the sons and grandsons of some of those great graduates. But, I did not really know the LGL.

Fifteen years ago as what was to become West-Point.Org was forming, I became friends with grads throughout the LGL on the wp-forum. I reconnect with my class by creating our website and mailing lists. Soon Dick Breakiron ’51 invited me to join a group discussing important graduate issues like younger grad participation and early Association of Graduates governance changes. Dick was CEO of WP-ORG at the time and asked me to serve on its advisors group. This led me to further involvement in WP-ORG, my local West Point Society and the WPAOG. Dick and WP-ORG had finally tied me into the LGL for real. I discovered my passion to support the West Point Community. Grip Hands!

Today, the LGL and the extended service academy communities have the ability to grip hands in a way never imagined when that song was written. Thanks to the vision of ditus Bolanos ’90 and several early believers who created WP-ORG, we can grip hands across cyberspace and join together in fellowship and service like never before. WP-ORG is community of grads, spouses and parents doing what we love to do in the servive of the LGL and the extended service academy communities.

We help future cadets cadet life through The Cadets of West Point.

We help recover lost and stolen class rings.

We help cadet and midshipman parents.

We plan our reunions.

We honor our fallen.

WP-ORG supports the creation of listserves and websites to enable classes and societies to communicate effectively.  Active duty grads in combat use WP-ORG mailing lists to reach a wealth of experience and knowledge, vetting ideas floated at all levels of the Army.  Through WP-ORG grads grip hands to support each other, WPAOG, West Point and the nation in ways never before possible.  When the West Point community needs online support, WP-ORG stands ready and willing to perform.

I will always remember Dick Breakiron fondly for helping me truly to join and understand the LGL. I will continue to support WP-ORG with my time, money and passion for helping to make it all happen and giving me a place where I can serve the LGL.

Through 24 fund drives you have voted your support for these efforts by contributing the funds necessary to keep it all running. Once the budget is met we say thank you and stop asking. Six months later we once again ask “Are we still doing our job? Are we still doing the things you value? Are we still doing the things that are important to you?” Every six months you vote yes with your donations.

So, are we meeting your needs? Are we helping the LGL to grip hands? If your answer is yes, please donate what you can to help keep us going.  Give according to the value you see but no more than you can afford. You can donate online here, or send a check to:

PO Box 4
Willis, VA 24380-0004

To review our six month budget you can see it here.

WP-ORG is a 501(c)3 non-profit and your donations are tax deductible and
may qualify for your company’s matching gifts program!

Grip Hands!

Mike Lyman
WP-ORG Advisor



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