Goodbye, Bill Welter

24 03 2009

It is with sadness that I note the sudden and unexpected passing of Bill Welter, West Point class of 1955.

Bill was one of the early members of the WP-ORG Board of Advisors. Back in the days when the organization was just beginning to make itself known in cyberspace Bill was there with us, providing his unique viewpoints and perspectives.

Never one to sidestep a challenge or to shirk responsibility, Bill was the original keeper of WP-ORG’s Moderator discussion list, an essential vehicle providing for centralized communication among the people that make the organization run.

For many years Bill was an essential gear in the machinery that made WP-ORG work; he left his unique stamp on us all.

We have established a eulogy page where thoughts and memories of Bill may be shared.

Thank you, Bill, for your time, your effort, and your passion.

Rest in Peace.



6 responses

25 03 2009
Roy Thorsen

How do you say good-bye to someone you didn’t want to leave? Bill meant so much to so many—his immediate family, his family of friends, and his family of classmates. He was a unifying force that worked, not just because he was usually right, but because he always incorporated his wonderful sense of humor.

Bill’s passing so unexpectedly may, indeed, be his final gift to us. It has reminded us how fragile is our time here and how often we neglect to recognize and communicate each other’s effect on our lives.

I, along with many others, loved and appreciated Bill and will miss him. We also promise to not forget his final lesson.

Well done, Bill. Be thou at peace.


25 03 2009

William Lloyd Welter went to his Maker yesterday. What a shock! We all know that we are going to go “sometime” but in Bill’s case it just didn’t seem possible. On the net regularly, at luncheons, driving the Bush Boat, on the court…never ending. And then a tendon pull…no problem. PROBLEM! and he was gone just like that. It makes you step back and realize how short our time is and how dear our close friends like Bill are/were.
Bill, affectionately known as “little w”, and I followed each other our entire careers even before West Point. First at Stewart Field where he came to take the entrance exam, then to flight school together, then at Blacksburg for a Masters degree, then the Test Pilot School, then Eustis and Edwards AFB. We even flew the some of same experimental planes. Finally we would tangle on the net with messages too long or wrong size and he’d give me a “STRIKE ONE!” I’m going to miss all that and the countless ways he enriched my/our lives.
But with much sadness in my heart I think only of joy for him. He has won the good fight and finished the race.
He now has gripped hands with the LONG GRAY LINE of West Pointers past and we know he will be running the heavenly net until we too arrive.

Farewell little “w”. You hit a home run with the Lord!

Your Classmate



25 03 2009
Andra Kai Shaw

I am saddened by Bill’s passing. Bill was not just a mentor to many, he was also a very nice man. When I first became a part of the moderators on a WP.Org listserve, I joined as a co-moderator for When my mentor passed away, Bill made it a point of contacting me to ask how I was doing and offered to help. He answered a lot of questions that I am sure seemed silly. He didnt make me feel that way. He patiently walked me through. Bill will be missed.

25 03 2009
Al Worden

It is with great shock and sadness that we hear of the passing of Bill. He was a great classmate, company mate and good friend all these years. He did an amazing job with the class internet site, and he always worked hard to accommodate us all. We will miss this truly outstanding guy.

25 03 2009
Ken Lang '56 (aka: Bat)

It is with a heavy heart that I read this notification of Bill’s (totally unexpected) passing.
When I became the moderator for usma1956, Bill was my mentor and we soon became fast friends. I knew him better as “-w” and liked him straight away. ’55 & ’56 have long been ‘rivals’ in our semi-annual FD’s – Fund Drives. -w steered the ’55 net to many First Place finishes, with ’56 being 2nd Place. He was always the one to beat, and the rest of us rarely surpassed his leadership of ’55.
His name is still enshrined in one of our forums as a “mentor” member of our ’56-singles group which he helped launch.
Farewell, -w, we’ll not see the likes of you, again. RIP

24 03 2009
John Sloan

What a shock indeed
Bill was the dynamo that created our class internet experience from the start. He organized multiple email groups for classmates who wanted different content. He always appeared to be in the best of health and was always very energetic. He was a great friend from WP days right up until today.
He will certainly be missed greatly

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