Volunteer Spotlight: Cheryl Westfall

11 01 2008

WP-ORG (a.k.a. West Point Org) has two full time employees. In order to accomplish all that we do, the heavy lifting must be performed by a small army of volunteers. One of the most dedicated and energetic is Chery Westfall, co-moderator of WP-ORG’s plebe-net and parent-forum discussion and dissemination lists.

Born and raised in Iowa, Cheryl and Jeff, Cheryl’s husband of 42 years, make their home in Phoenix, Arizona. Cheryl is retired from an 18 year position in an Elementary School Health Office.

Cheryl says the following about her family and its association with the military and WP-ORG:

“I signed up for Plebe-net in the summer of 1999 when our son entered West Point.  As my husband went on a 3 week business trip at the beginning of Beast [Barracks], this became my life line.  Over the years  I found myself answering more and more of the questions on Plebe-net and Parent Forum.  [WP-ORG moderators] Di Welle and Megan Hostler asked me if I wanted to make it ‘official’ and become a moderator. Silly me, I said Yes.  Little did I know…”

“We were a not a military family prior to our son attending West Point and worked very hard to catch up!  We live in Arizona and visiting West Point was something we could not do nearly as often as those East Coasters.  So every trip made was indeed very special. We just love West Point and all of its history.”

“Our daughter, Janelle, (ASU & U of Texas) is the Clinical Director for Devereux Arizona. Our older son, Jeff Jr., ( NAU & UOP) is an IT Application Security Specialist.  Our youngest, Ted, is USMA Class of 2003.  He completed his 2nd deployment to Iraq with the 1/23 IN  3-2 SBCT and returned to Ft. Lewis on the auspicious date of 9/11/2007! He has just been selected for the Army FLEP program.”

Jeff and Cheryl Westfall

Jeff and Cheryl Westfall

WP-ORG appreciates all that you do, Cheryl. Thank you!



One response

11 01 2008
John L

Congratulations on your sons’ acceptance into the FLEP, no small feat!
It is nice to have some background on the omnipresent moderator, thank you. Even for a grad, it is nice to have a line on plebe net to get caught back up on the changes – you do an excellent job.

Beat Navy!

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